Stepanakert conducts snap combat-readiness drills

On 30 January combat-readiness snap drills were performed at an undisclosed military installation located in southeastern Nagorno Karabakh. The event was seen off by Defence Army Commander Karen Abrahamyan (the equivalent to a minister of defence), who visited the area reportedly unannounced to check the preparedness of the troops.

Particular emphasis was put on the rapid formation of units, simulating the circumstances of the 4-day April war, as well as other events which may require such capacities.

The drills started off with instructions for the immediate formation of military units, simulating the launching of an operation. Troops manned their corresponding positions, received arms and equipment, and took positions at anticipated points of an operational military plan.

In the past, a particular capacity of Armenian military formations in both Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia has been the rapid formation and mobilisation of troops and volunteers, which, in some key combat situations were a determining element for success.

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