Armenian troops conduct mortar drills

An undisclosed military unit within the 5th Army Corps carried out mortar training drills including practical hands-on and theoretical training aimed at further developing their skills.  The events were overseen by the high-ranking officers within the military unit.

Mortars have been an important part of the arsenals of both sides in the conflict, as relatively close  combat distances in open fields favour such weapons, that have an approximate range of 3-4 km, depending on the type of ammunition used, far within the reach of border outposts. Ceasefire violations over the years have recorded numerous incidents of mortar fire. Popular mortar types for both sides tend to be the light 60 mm and its heavier 82 mm counterpart, both readily found in the arsenals of both armed forces.

The proximity of some military outposts along the central segment of the line of contact


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