Azeri Defence minister visits southern segment of the Line-of-Contact

Azerbaijan’s Defence minister Gen Zakir Hasanov visited the villages in the southwest of the country last week, just kilometres from the line-of-contact and the Iranian border.  Hasanov visited the village’s memorial to servicemen killed during the April clashes of 2016, special attention from Azeri official media was put on the memorial of Orkhan Hamidov, an officer from the southern village of Ahmadalilar.

Hasanov visited Hamidov’s family and inaugurated the opening of a fountain in his memory. Not much is know about Hamidov, nor his exact participation in the April clashes; he does appear to be from the village and was killed on the second day of fighting.

Official photos of the visit provided by the Azeri Defence Ministry

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This formed part of a general visit of Hasanov to the area, during which he visited military installations as well. There are unofficial reports that he visited the Leletepe heights, under Azeri control since the 2016 clashes.  Hasanov also visited a new military base inaugurated this year near the village of Ahmadalilar.

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