Further geolocation of foreign fighters in southwestern Azerbaijan

On 20 November, investigative journalist Lindsey Snell posted two photos of a location where members of the Hamza Division, a Syrian mercenary force, were said to have been housed in October 2020 during the Second Nagorno Karabakh war.

Tweet from investigative reporter Lindsey Snell from 20 November 2020

After some research, we found this to be from an Azeri State Border Service military base in Horadiz, coordinates can be found here. A previous finding by Julian Roepcke also showed what appeared to be foreign fighters at this location. While the ethnicity of the individuals in the photo was not able to be verified, by look they differ from the habitual servicemen at this base in terms of non-uniform clothinig, haircut and overall looks. They use the same uniform worn by Azeri border troops though, something noted in previous photos of reported foreign fighters in Azerbaijan. 

Journalist Julian Roepcke’s geolocation finding from 3 October 2020, showing the the same State Border Service base in Horadiz, Azerbaijan 

Geolocation analysis of the military base in Horadiz,  southwestern Azerbaijan. Photo on the right provided by Lindsey Snell, on the left, the photo is provided by Azeri authorities on a news brief about an event on the base. 



Below, possible foreign fighters at a military base in Horadiz,  southwestern Azerbaijan, and geolocation done (above), the base is that of Azerbaijan’s State Border Service . One source of the photo was posted by a twitter user on 20 November, 2020. 


Photos of local Azeri servicemen at the base unrelated to the latest Nagorno Karabakh war from a local media source


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