South African firm renews contracts for arms to Azerbaijan

At the beginning of July 2017, South African defence firm Paramount renewed contracts with Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defence for a new batch (unspecified amount) of the Marauder armoured personnel carriers.  These mine resistant vehicles will be an addition to a previous supply of vehicles from the same firm contracts dating back to 2009.  So far Baku has obtained a total of around 145 Marauder and Matador model armoured vehicles from this firm. The vehicles are to be assembled through jointly operated assembly plant in Baku.

South African arms sales not only to Azerbaijan, but other countries in conflict has been criticised on numerous occasions by the country’s National Conventional Arms Control Committee. In the past the South African government has been criticised for providing arms and military equipment to countries such as Iran, North Korea, Syria, Zimbabwe and Venezuela. The company is famous as well for other arms sales and is one of the primary private arms producers of the country.

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