Azerbaijan to develop its own kamikaze drones after Israeli withdraw

Azerbaijan seeks to develop its own combat unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) after Israeli company revokes license.

Minster of Azeri Defense Industry, Yaver Camalov reportedly briefed reporters on the issue this week. In his words, the new programme is aimed at developing “kamikaze” UAV’s, similar to the Israeli-produced Harop used against Armenian forces in April of 2016.  The new drones have “higher quality sensors and technology which will enable them to track and target armoured vehicles”. The new drones are reported to have a maximum range of 100 km.

This comes just a few months after an Israeli Defence company, Aeronautics Defense Systems was forced to withdraw after sources from inside the company leaked information that Azeri military forces had asked the company’s technical staff to test their Orbiter drone on Armenian positions.

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