Ceasefire violation report: discrepancies between statistics 2018-2019

This last week (17 -23 March) the Nagorno Karabakh Ministry of Defence registered around 180 ceasefire violations, with an approximate projectile count of 1.900 by small arms fire.  Compared to the same week in 2018, this week saw a 17% increase in reported ceasefire violations. It is worth mentioning that this very weak in 2018 an Azeri intelligence drone was shot down above Armenian positions in the northern Martakert region.

During this same week, the Azeri Defence Ministry reported a total of 182 ceasefire violations, mainly with small arms fire, with larger calibre machine gun fire reported on 20 and 21 March.  Compared to this same period in 2018, which registered 723 ceasefire violations cases, apparently cases during this week are down by 75%.

In an apparent strange twist of statistics, since the beginning of this year up until 23 March 2019, Azerbaijan has reported 2.081, far less than the 9.661 reported during the same period last year, while Military authorities in Nagorno Karabakh have reported the same number as they did in 2018,  approximately 2550 incidents.

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