Armenian troops conduct live-fire artillery exercises

On Tuesday, the 1st Army Corps of the Armenian Armed Forces conducted live-fire exercises at an undisclosed military training ground using BM-21 Grad type multi-launch rocket systems.

The event was aimed at dummy targets, which according to the Armenian  Defence Ministry, were “targeted by correct calculations” by members of the artillery group.  No further details were made public, nonetheless, photos of the event were published by the military authorities.

Elsewhere in Armenia, on the previous day, another major artillery unit was mobilised for snap preparation drills with heavy calibre artillery guns. According to official notifications, the unit in question is station in the southeastern part of Armenia, whose combat-readiness was tested, along with co-operation capacities between the different members of the unit.  Included in the programme, were drills to test out combat-readiness during nocturnal operations.

Official photos from the event by the Defence Ministry


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