Armenian tank and anti-air units in live-fire drills

Official reports from military authorities in Yerevan today brought about news on live-fire drills with the participation of armoured units from the 1st Army Corps.  The drills are aimed at “furthering the skills of servicemen in the field”, as well as developing areas of the areas of expertise of the different units involved.  The units involved in this exercise included T-72 talks, with a crew of 3, it is capable of firing a 125mm round up to 10 km.


Official photos shared by the Ministry of Defence


Elsewhere in Armenia, anti-air defence units from the 3rd Army Corps conducted field training with the aim of likewise furthering skills and preparation.  Official images showed the participation of Shilka anti-air systems and the Zu-23 anti-air gun, capable of firing 23mm rounds at a rate of 1800 rounds per minute, intended for short range moving targets, they have been used to attack vehicles and military objects on the ground in many occasions when militaries have come to use them around the world.


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