OSCE conducts ceasefire monitoring mission in Martakert region

OSCE representatives conducted a ceasefire monitoring mission on Tuesday (14 May) at military positions northeast of the village of Talish, in the Martakert region of Nagorno Karabakh, and positions opposite to them in the Goranboy region of Azerbaijan.

Monitoring on Nagorno Karabakh’s side were Ognjen Jovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina Ghenadie Petrica (Moldova). While on the Azeri side of the line-of-contact were OSCE representatives Mihal Olaru (Moldova) and  Simon Tiller (United Kingdom) respectively.

Major trench systems near the area of monitoring


Authorities from both, Baku and Stepanakert, mentioned that the monitoring mission took place without incidents, referring to possibly ceasefire violations. Coincidentally,  military authorities in Baku officially stating 24 ceasefire violation incidents. Armenian authorities in Nagorno Karabakh have yet to release ceasefire violations for this week, nonetheless, despite mentions of ceasefire monitoring missions taking place without any incidents, ceasefire violations are normally reported by both sides.

The area around the ceasefire violation saw major fighting during the 2016 Four-day war, with heavy losses on both sides and the modification of the line-of-contact.

This is the seventh ceasefire monitoring mission carried out this year, with the last one being on 10 April.

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