Nocturnal drills involving armoured and artillery units in Nagorno Karabakh

On the night of 30 May, armoured and artillery units from Nagorno Karabakh’s armed forces participated in snap nocturnal drills, aimed at testing combat readiness and immediate response of all personnel and technical means involved in these units.

The military units were woken in the dead of night to carry out their drills in difficult terrain conditions not mentioned to the troops beforehand. The units co-ordinated with other personnel from different military bases, which according to military officials “took corresponding decisions, determined their objective and assigned tasks to those under their command”.

Footage provided by the Nagorno Karabakh Defence Ministry 


Authorities characterised the exercises as a success, stating “this proves once more, that the Defence Army is capable of carrying out any assignment and fulfil all tasks given to them at any time and any place… ”.

These appear to be the first officially announced exercises of the kind this year. In the video, one can see T-72 tanks and D-20 152mm howitzers being towed.

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