Ceasefire monitoring mission by OSCE in Martuni-Khojavend

OSCE representatives conducted a ceasefire monitoring mission today (04 June) at military positions on the south-central segment of the line-of-contact near the city of Martuni.

From Armenian side were representatives Mihail Olaru (Moldova) and Martin Schuster (Germany), while from the Azeri side of the line-of-contact were Simon Tiller (United Kingdom), Ognjen Jovic (Bosnia and Herzagovina) and the OSCE’s Personal Representative of the Chairperson-in-office Andrzej Ksprzyk.

According to the Azeri Defence Ministry, the incident took place “without any incidents”, possibly referencing that it took place according to plans.

This is the 10th OSCE ceasefire monitoring mission conducted this year.

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