Latest ceasefire violation reports

The latest ceasefire violation reports were made available by the respective Defence Ministries of Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh. Amid what appear to be heightened tensions between the parties, each side saw a loss the past week according to the news reports from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh.

Reported daily ceasefire violations provided by the Azeri Defence Ministry show fairly stable figures throughout the month of May, with an average of 23 ceasefire violations reported daily, on nine occasions with large calibre machine-gun fire.



Authorites in Stepanakert revealed their registered ceasefire violation reports, according to which this past week saw an upsurge of 220 violations, with 3500 recorded shots, bringing a daily average to around 500 violations per day. Also mentioned in this latest report, was that on 01 June (the day Azeri military authorities announced the death of officer Agil Omarov) around 2350 shots were registered, consisting of mainly sniper and heavy machine-gun fire. As a result, Armenian serviceman Sipan Melkonyan was killed by cross-border fire.

Ceasefire violation reports continue to show discrepancies, with those reported by the Azeri authorities showing far less violations from the Armenian side.

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