Azeri Defence Ministry shows footage of surveillance drone over Armenian military vehicles

On 18 June, Azeri defence officials revealed a video, in which a military surveillance UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle, or commonly drone) apparently fly over Armenian military vehicles during exercises in the territory of Nagorno Karabakh. Azeri officials in their statement mentioned that the drills are “under their control”, referring to surveillance and observation measures.

Geospatial location of the area of incident in the video footage.


The video does not reveal much details, but does show what appear to be entrenched armoured vehicles from above. A brief analysis by Nagorno Karabakh Observer experts show the area of incident in the video is approximately 7 km in the Nagorno Karabakh side at an area known as a military training ground.

The exact timing of the video is unknown and non-verifiable through open sources.  UAV’s from both sides are known to be active all along the line-of-contact, which periodically are shot down and make headlines(1,2,3,4).

Official video provided by the Azeri Defence Ministry

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