UPDATE – Large scale military drills in Nagorno Karabakh

Large-scale military exercises are underway in Nagorno Karabakh. As mentioned in an earlier post, military officials in Stepanakert announced major military exercises will take place with the participation of around 10.000 troops, over 400 technical vehicles, 200 artillery guns, 150 armoured vehicles and 50 anti-air defence systems. The event will be accompanied by life-fire drills.

Second Day – on the second day, T-72 tanks, MT-LB multi-purpose armoured vehicles and Gvozdika self-propelled artillery guns were displayed in an official video.



Third Day – an official video on the third day of the drills was also published on the Defence Ministry’s official page, showing what appears to be coordination simulations and an emphasis on BM-21 Grad multi-rocket launcher drills.


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