Azeri Defence Officials: Armenian side opens fire on Nakhichevan in rare statement

On 12 March, Azeri defence officials issued a rare statement, in which they accused Armenian troops of opening fire on their positions located in the enclave of Nakhichevan. The statement is rare in that it appears to be the first one from the country’s Defence Ministry exclusivally dedicated to reporting on a ceasefire incident on the Nakhichevan border mentioning an exact area. While reports of ceasefire incidents are provided daily by defence officials, they normally include all areas subjected to ceasefire violation incidents.

Map of the South Caucasus showing area of incident and disputed territories (orange)

The statement from 12 March mentioned that Armenian troops had opened fire with high-calibre machine guns and sniper rifles on their positions in Nakhichevan from military positions on, and southeast of the Tezhkar and Bagasun hills in the Ararat region of Armenia.

Armenian officials did not comment on the incident, but the Azeri report happened two days after an Armenian serviceman was killed on border with Nakhichevan. and during large-scale military exercises held by the Nakhichevani military garrison in the enclave.

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