Azeri Defence Minister visits new base on southern segment of line-of-contact

On 17 March, Azer Defence Minister Gen Zakir Hasanov along with other high-ranking officials visited the southern segment of the line-of-contact (LoC) with Nagorno Karabakh. During the visit, Gen Hasanov visited a major military base, military positions on the LoC, including the Leletepe heights under Azeri military control since the 2016 war of April. Also visited was a monument for fallen Azeri servicemen during the mentioned conflict in the city of Horadiz. The military head concluded his visit with troops to mark the holiday of Novruz.

Official photos provided by Azer defence officials

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The military base visited was constructed between September 2018 and April 2019, is 8,5 kilometres from the LoC at its closest point and houses troops, as well as a armoured personnel carriers and other vehicles. According to the official statement, it also has medical and food warehouse facilities among others.

An aerial view of the military base visited comparing its pre and post renovation installations

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