Azeri defence minister visits frontline with high-level officials

On 5 May, Azeri defence minister, Zakir Hasanov, the head of the Military Affairs department of the presidential administration, Maharram Aliyev,  along with other high-ranking military officials visited military installations along the line-of-contact. According to an official publication by Azeri defence officials, the area visited was between the Karabakhi village of Talish and Azeri village of Tapkarakoyunlu, known for experiencing major combat operations during the 2016 April clashes. Official photos also showed what appeared to be new military installations built after segments of the area came under Azeri control as a result of the mentioned clashes.

Official photos of the visit provided by the Azeri Defence Ministry

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During the visit, the delegation headed by Hasanov followed up on the living conditions of the troops, observed Armenian positions and inspected other facilities at the installations. Additionally, armoured vehicles were seen stationed at an area visited by the delegation, whose combat-readiness was also inspected by them according to the statement.

Satellite imagery showing tank dugouts (orange circles) at the new Azeri military positions near Talish village

One day prior to the official notification, on 4 May, Nagorno Karabakh defence officials published a statement mentioning that the official Azeri visit was monitored by the military, and that similar visits were conducted on the central segment of the line-of-contact as well, just south of the village of Talish. The latter was not mentioned by Azeri sources.

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