Armenian vehicle burns near military positions in Nakhichevan

On 27 May, the spokesperson for Armenia’s Defence Ministry, Shushan Stepanyan, gave news today of an Armenian military Nissan Patrol vehicle burned near military positions as a result of being shot at from Azeri military positions. Stepanyan also stated the incident took place in front of military positions, where the Armenian side was carrying out construction-renovation work.

The incident location was not specified in her Facebook message itself, Armenian daily Hraparak mentioned the incident happened at military positions in Nakhichevan, across from border town of Areni in Armenia.

The newspaper stated that the vehicle was fired upon with a 12,7mm DShK, heavy machine gun. The driver managed to escape before the vehicle caught on fire. The same source mentioned that a similar incident occurred on 10 April, without specifying a location.  No injuries were reported in either incident.

While Azeri military authorities have yet to comment on the incident, local media such as, and others did report the incident, mainly adhering to the initial report of Armenian daily Hraparak.  This former stated that as a result of the 2018 operations, Azeri units came to take up positions on the heights of Khunut (2.065 m), Qizilkaya (1.683 m) and Mekhridagh (1.869 m).

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