New Nagorno Karabakh head visits special forces troops

On 6 June, the newly-elected president of de facto Nagorno Karabakh(NK), Arayik Harutyunian, visited special forces troops of the National Security Service (NSS) at an undisclosed location. According to an official statement, Harutyunian was accompanied by the NSS head, Kamo Aghajanian. No details of the official visit were made public, but the statement did stress the importance of the NSS for countering internal and external threats, something that will remain at the centre of the new administration’s attention.

In a previous video, one week prior, footage of Harutyunyan emerged at a shooting range with special forces personnel, firing a version of a Finnish Tikka T3x. While no direct connection between the statement and video was able to be established, both indicate he was with NK special forces troops.

Footage from Armenian media showing Harutyunyan shooting the Finnish Tikka T3x rifle

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