Azerbaijan reports shooting down Armenian UAV far inside its borders (Unconfirmed)

On 21 September, Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry (MoD) stated it shot down an Armenian unmanned aeriel vehicle (UAV) in an official notification, but no specific location was provided given. Some Twitter and YouTube users posted videos stating it was in Shamkir (1, 2, 3, 4), within 10 km of Arm. border.

UAV’s have been been extensively used by both sides and the distance from the Armenian border to Shamkir is easily reachable for many modern UAVs.Interestingly, Azerbaijan’s MoD this time did not mention a specific location where the reported incident occurred, but instead hinted in a seperate announcement that it occurred on the Armenian-Azeri border

The the videos do not permit geospatial analysis, they are filmed during nighttime with little details available besides a flash in the sky.There is not enough open-source information to verify the connection between the video and the reported UAV incident, as such, the video is shared here for reference purposes.

A video provided by a private YouTube user 


If confirmed, this could be furthest an Armenian UAV has been reportedly shot down over Azerbaijan. Armenian officials had not yet commented on the incident at the time of writing.

This comes amid highentent tensions in recent weeks between the two countries and a reportedly higher presence of Turkish military personnel in Azerbaijan, who some assert are creating a permanent presence in the country.

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