Russian deminers come accross Israeli-produced missile

Footage of Russian deminers near Shushi (Az. Shusha) cleaning up unexploded munitions


Towards the end of the video of Russian deminers, one sees part of a missile that is the same type that Azerbaijan reported on 10 October 2020 as an 9K72 Elbrus shot down over Mingechevir, but with an English marking “REAR”.

Russian munitions don’t tend to have English markings on them and Armenia is not known to have purchased non-Russian-produced missiles other than Chinese MLRS WM-80 in 1999. Judging by different sources, particularly that of Brian Castner, a munitions expert for Amnesty International, the missile is most likely an Israeli-produced LAR-160.

Photo of an Israeli LAR-160 missile in Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh provided by Middle East Eye



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