November Ceasefire Agreement – deleted parts?

Apparently the two enclaves of Azerbaijan’s Gazakh district under Armenia’s control were taken out of the November Ceasefire Agreement text. It is not clear whether it was an error at first, but a cached version still shows the words Gazakh mentioned as areas to be returned to Azerbaijan. Official versons no longer show it after 10 November 2020.

A chached version of the Agreement’s initial text from Sputnik Armenia mentioning Gazakh (in Russian)

While mentions to Gazakh district were taken out, the Armenia-Azerbaijan border has seen subtle changes since the 9 November Agreement, some speculate that some areas currently under Armenia’s control will indeed be transferred to Azerbaijan.

On 28 November, regional authorities in Gazakh met with locals of seven abandonded Azeri villages currently under Armenian control,  with the official text mentioning the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. There was no direct mention of the villages being transferred, but the border issue unresolved and subject to possible modification. 

Map of the area showing the seven villages (red squares)


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