A briefing on ceasefire violations in the last week by the military authorities in Stepanakert  stated that between 27 January and 02 February,  the Azeri Armed Forces violated the ceasefire around 200 times. Special monitoring mechanisms  recorded that over 1.300 projectiles of different kinds (from mainly small arms fire) wereContinue Reading

On 30 January combat-readiness snap drills were performed at an undisclosed military installation located in southeastern Nagorno Karabakh. The event was seen off by Defence Army Commander Karen Abrahamyan (the equivalent to a minister of defence), who visited the area reportedly unannounced to check the preparedness of the troops. ParticularContinue Reading

On 01 February news got out about a signing of a deal for Moscow to sell Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets  to Yerevan after a series of negotiations that started last year. According to the new deal, Russian Irkut Corporation will supply Armenia with Su-30CM , which are considered 4th generationContinue Reading