“If need be I will live in Armenia, but I will not live with this government” – Azeri Refugee


An Azeri refugee living with his family in a temporary housing project for 24 years has been evicted from his house in the city of Sumgait, near the capital Baku. Nemat Maharramov left the town of Gubadli during the first Karabakh war in the early 1990’s and resettled in Sumgait. He and his family are now being evicted from their house with no were else to go. The authorities allege the building is in unstable condition, but Maharramov and neighbours say they have heard that for the past 20 years about their own houses and nothing has been done for them in terms of new housing. Many in the area are economically unstable and unemployed.

Maharramov while speaking with local journalists stated his anger at the Azeri authorities, stating that “If needed I will live in Serj Sargsyan’s side [hinting at Armenia], but I will not live with this government…”. His wife’s health recently deteriorated and she is currently in the hospital, during that ordeal his family was evicted and spent the night in the courtyard of the building. It is worthy to mention that Maharramov is a member of the Musavat party, an opposition nationalist party, currently with tense relations with the Aliyev clan.


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