Armenia and Poland to further develop cooperation in defence

Bilateral  cooperation between Armenia and Poland in the defence field has experienced an increase in the last several years. Polish Defence firm Lubawa, with over 60 years of experience in military equipment production, inaugurated its filial in Armenia several years ago, and has sealed several deals with the Armenian security forces, including the country’s armed forces, to supply armour protection, special camouflage systems and other specialised goods.

In what was the first major event of its type this year, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a formal meeting with the heads of Lubawa, Jaroslaw Ruch and Marcin Kubica, along with the Polish Ambassador to Armenia Pawel Cieplak to discuss further future development prospects.

According to official information, PM Pashinyan “welcomed the guests, and underlined the importance for the continuing  development of Armenian-Polish relations”. Polish Ambassador Cieplak on his part also highlighted the importance for deepening bilateral ties, and extended an invitation for the Armenian PM to visit Poland in the near future.

Parliamentary cooperation on defence matters between the two countries has apparently seen an increase in recent times. According to some experts, as the new government in Yerevan slowly seeks to tilt towards Western influence, Poland’s role becomes more significant, not only for its geopolitically  anti-Russian stance, but also as a regional country interested in countering Moscow’s influence by exporting tactical policies to post-Soviet era Republics.

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