South Ossetia and Nagorno Karabakh sign a bilateral agreement

Nagorno Karabakh’s Foreign Minister, Masis Mailyan, was received in Tskhinval, South Ossetia by his Ossetian counterpart Dmitri Medoyev. In what was an official visit on 18 February, the two sides stressed the importance of bilateral co-operation and pledged to further develop ties in fields such as education, agriculture, foreign policy and nation-building.

An important part of the official visit was the signing of a new bilateral agreement between the two de facto states. The new agreement seeks to strengthen ties between the two by creating a systematic approach for bilateral consultations on issues important to both sides, be them regional, international or simply bilateral.

According to an official publication by the  Foreign Ministry in Stepanakert, the signed agreement also seeks to “promote [cultural, educational, etc.] programmes and events between the two” alongside creating user-friendly approaches for the formation of diplomatic staff.

During a press conference, the two foreign ministers answered questions and comments from journalists, during which, more details on co-operation between the two was revealed.  Ossetian Foreign Minister Medoyev stated that the two countries discussed opening commercial offices in their respective states as to promote trade, while his Armenian counterpart stated that the “issue of national security for us is not yet closed” and praised Tskhinval for having “overcoming difficulties created by blockades”, he furthermore invited the journalists to Nagorno Karabkah for next years presidential and parliamentary elections.

Official photos from the events


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