Live-fire military exercises with combat gunships in Azerbaijan

On 08 April, the Azeri Defence Ministry shared information on military exercises involving Mi-35 and Mi-24 gunships, and apparently Mi-8 transport helicopters. The exercises were conducted with live-fire munitions being fired at targets, aimed at strengthening air support tactics.

Military authorities have expressed their satisfaction with the result of the events.

Approximate location of training ground. Note: de facto states in orange

The helicopters took off from Qala airbase near Baku, and headed toward a military training ground 90 km away near the village Jangi. Azerbaijan had purchased 24 Mi-35 gunships from Russia in a deal signed in 2010, which totalled $350 million, or approximately $14 million per gunship. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the deal was possible for second-hand Mi-24 rebuilt to Mi-35M.

The Qala Airbase has long served as an important airbase for both helicopters and combat aircraft. It is located 30 km east of the capital Baku.


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