First week of April sees a series of military drills and simulations in Armenia

Three years after the first major clashes on the line-of-contact between Armenian and Azeri forces in Nagorno Karabakh after the 1994 ceasefire, the two sides appear to be well aware of difficulties of stability in the region.  A series of military simulations and training sessions were conducted by different units in the Armenian Armed Forces this first week of April.

Official publications showed seminars underway for further developing military policies and approaches towards radiological, chemical and biological warfare. Military experts instructed officers assigned to particular units on new methods of organisation and planning in case of such events.

The same week saw further training for anti-air defence units within the 2nd Army Corps using MANPADS. The drills were brought in line with a co-operation and mutual support scheme between artillery battery groups as well as other organisational units such as platoons and sections. Besides the latter, this week gave start to a one-month instruction and practice programme with artillery units from the 1st Army Corps. The aim is to perfect and further develop firing methods using high-calibre artillery in field conditions.

Elsewhere in the military, consultations were underway between high and low-ranking officers within the 4th Army Corps. Participating in the event were the heads of logistical affairs and similar structures with support roles.

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