Armoured and artillery units conduct live-fire training in southern Nagorno Karabakh

On Friday,  armoured and artillery military units from the Armed Forces of Nagorno Karabakh conducted a series of training exercises in the south of the de facto country.  According to the Karabakh military officials at the Ministry of Defence, the event took place with the presence of high-level counterparts from the Armed Forces of Armenia.

Leading the events was Maj Gen Karen Abrahamyan, defence minister and commander of the Nagorno Karabakh military, his predecessor and now high-level official Gen Movses Hakobyan, along with other  officials

According to official reports, during the events, live-fire rounds were used with the participation of T-72 tanks, BMP armoured personnel carriers and  MT-LB multi-purpose armoured vehicles, some of the most common armament types in the arsenals of both armed forces. The latter carried out their combat  simulations in close co-ordination with artillery units.

Such exercises, although common in Armenia proper, are less common on such a scale in Nagorno Karabakh. Officials stated that the events are aimed at boosting combat-readiness, and provide an ideal simulation scenario for “defence and counter-offensive combat” operations.

Official photos from the event

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