Armenian military police in Bulgarian “Beyond the Horizon” exercises

Armenian military police departed for Bulgaria to participate in annual drills aimed at improving skills, experience and exchanging methods and techniques among counterparts from different countries. The participants from Armenia include a platoon of  military police from a peacekeeping unit headed by Colonel Artur Baghdasarian, head of the delegation.

The exercises, titled “Beyond the Horizon”, besides Armenia include delegations from the United States (Tennessee state National Guard), Romania, the Ukraine and the newly renamed North Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). Bulgaria on his part, has military police as well as units from the National Security Service participating in the event.

According to official publications from Bulgaria’s Defence Ministry, particular emphasis will be put on perfecting the inspection of vehicles at checkpoints, providing  security to VIP’s, underwater vehicle searches, ambush response tactics and evacuation drills to secure ground during the latter. The events will take place in the extreme northwest of the country, near the borders of Romania and Serbia, at a long-known and operated military base shared with North American officials.


Photos of the Armenian Military Police Platoon provided by the Ministry of Defence of Armenia

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