“Open-door” event celebrated at a military base in Nagorno Karabakh

According to official news from military authorities in Stepanakert, Sunday (18 May), was marked by an “open-door” event at a military base in the Central District of the Armed Forces.

Parents and family members of over a thousand  servicemen serving in Nagorno Karabakh from Armenia were able to visit the base and servicemen from their families, in what has come to be an “annual tradition”.  The guests were greeted by the traditional bread and salt welcome, with some also laying flowers at a memorial to late Defence Minister Vazgen Sargsyan.  A free day was granted to the servicemen of the base to be with family. Speeches were made by military commanders and others present, among other activities organised by authorities.

The event was spearheaded by an initiative of the Yerevan City hall, with Armenia’s defence minister Davit Tonoyan visiting family members before their departure from Yerevan.

Official photos from the event

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