Large-scale military simulations underway in Azerbaijan: 10,000 troops

On Monday, the Azeri Armed Forces commenced large-scale exercises according a previously determined agenda. Defence minister Zakir Hasanov is supervising the event, which includes units from diverse military formations. The exercises are the biggest so far this year, with officially over 10.000 troops, 200 rocket and artillery systems, 150 tanks and other armoured vehicles, along with 35 combat helicopters and aircraft.

The exercises include simulations of nocturnal conditions, difficult terrain in several training grounds. Formations are seeking to further co-operation and inter-operability skills during counter-attacks and offensive operations. Particularly mentioned in the official statement were simulations of attacks behind enemy lines with paratroopers and special forces.

Photos of the events provided by the Azeri Ministry of Defence

Military equipment participating in the event include BTR-82 and BTR-3 armoured personnel carriers, Israeli-supplied SandCat all-terrain vehicles, S-125 anti-air missiles, Su-25 foxtrot combat aircraft, Mi-24/35 gunships, T-72 and T-90 tanks among other types.

The footage of today, shows vehicles and troops being mobilised for their march towards the training grounds. The event will last for four days.

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