Nagorno Karabakh military carries out military drills at “Tigranakert” training ground

On 17 May,  the head of the Nagorno Karabakh Armed Forces and Defence Minister Maj Gen Karen Abrahamyan was present at a series of drills within the framework of life-fire military drills at the “Tigranakert” military training ground.  According to an official statement from the military authorities,  the unit participating in the event is from an undisclosed military base forms part of the Central District of the armed forces.

The exercises include live-fire drills that include T-72 tanks, the backbone of Nagorno Karabakh’s and Armenia’s armoured military units, Recoilless anti-tank guns, AGS automatic grenade launchers and other means directed at armoured and motorised infantry units. Present at the event were commanders of other military units, who supervised defensive and offensive drills.

Artillery guns were also used alongside tank units and infantry, the later forming a motorised infantry group that simulated counter-offensive and offensive attacks. According to military officials, new tactics were tested out with positive results, further developing co-operation between different units.

At the beginning of this month, tank drills were also carried out at this training ground, which lies approximately 10 km from the line-of-contact.

Official footage provided by the Nagorno Karabakh Defence Ministry


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