Azerbaijan participates in multi-national military exercises in Turkey

From 13-24 May, Azerbaijan, along with the United Kingdom, Qatar, Pakistan, Romania and the de facto Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be participating in a series of military drills termed “Anatolian Phoenix 2019” aimed at “training, co-operation and developing interoperability”, according to a statement from Turkish Air Force authorities.

The military exercises, which include units from the navies, air forces and infantry of the mentioned countries. The multi-lateral military exercises started from mutual agreement in 2009, and have since taken place annually.

Azerbaijan has increased its military exercises since the start of this year, with at least two bilateral exercises with Turkey. The Anatolian Phoenix 2019 are the second multi-lateral military exercise Azerbaijan has participated in this year, with the previous one also taking place in Turkey in the region of Kars earlier this year.

Footage from the event from local Konya TV

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