Azeri officials report Armenian troops fired mortars on military positions

Today, for the first time on over half a year, Azeri military officials reported a ceasefire violation by the Armenian side with projectiles other than small arms fire. A report from the country’s Defence ministry stated that eight 60 mm mortar shells were fired on military positions, in addition to high-calibre machine gun fire.  Surprisingly, the number of recorded violations this same day was 18, which is one of the lowest ever recorded.  On 10 and 11 June, Azeri officials reported 17 and 16 ceasefire violations respectively bringing registers to an all-time low.

Armenian officials in Stepanakert reacted to the above-mentioned statement, stating that it is disinformation and it was the the Azeri side who had violated the ceasefire regime, implementing numerous weapon types:

“The Republic of Artsakh’s Defence Ministry not only denies this misinformation, but informs that during the day on 11 June and [the following] night on 12 June, the Azeribaijani side themselves implemented not only diverse calibre long-range weapons and sniper rifles, but AGS-17 grenade launchers (5 grenades). If required, the reports can be corroborated through video footage”

The last time a ceasefire violation register by weapon types other than small arms projectiles were mentioned was on 09 September of 2018, when two 60 mm mortar shells were reportedly fired on undisclosed Azeri positions along the line-of-contact.

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