A week of military follow-ups in Nagorno Karabakh: Officials from Armenia present

These past few days saw several events dedicated to furthering combat-readiness and the evaluation of training results of troops stations at several military bases in Nagorno Karabakh.

On 31 July, an official news report  from Defence authorities in Stepanakert illustrated the visit of Armenia’s deputy Defence minister, Gabriel Balayan,and  the vice-head of Armenia’s Armed Forces’ Chief of General Staff, Onik Gasparyan,  to Nagorno Karabakh.  The latter two were received by Nagorno Karabakh’s Defence minister, Karen Abrahamyan; all three, along with other military officials from both sides visited a series of undisclosed military bases where newly formed officers are currently undergoing further training for their military careers.

Official photos from the visit to troops

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According to official statements, the officers were enrolled at Armenia’s Vazgen Sargsyan Military Academy in Yerevan, Armenia, and will be undergoing training within the territory of their de facto neighbor under a bilateral military agreement between the two sides.

The same day, Abrahamyan was present to follow up on a training session of an undisclosed armoured brigade, accompanied by high-ranking officials from the Defence ministry, as well as the commanders of the units in question. These training sessions appear to be a continuation of previous ones carried out during the first half of the year.

Photos from the training session

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The military of de facto Nagorno Karabakh has increased its emphasis on armoured units in recent years. The backbone of those units remains the T-72 tank, which, although replaced in some countries with newer tank models, remains in Armenia’s and Nagorno Karabakh’s armed forces with modernised equipment produced locally.

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