17 November Putin interview about Karabakh

On 17 November, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin gave an interview to local channel Rossya 24, providing details on the situation in #NagornoKarabakh. He touched upon history and geopolitics, all the way down to the joint Turkish-Russian peacekeeping mission. Here are some highlights:

Putin – “The most important thing about the ceasefire is that we stopped the bloodshed, officially around 4000 people were killed, but I believe it was even more, thousands of wounded… this isn’t a film, this is a tragedy that takes place in the life of concrete people”

MINUTE 18.20 – We [Russia] have good experience cooperating [with Turkey] in the Middle East, in Syria, we organise joint patrols, here [Nagorno Karabakh] we do not need such cooperation, but we agreed on creating a joint centre that will use UAVs, together we will control the situation, together we will receive and process information. [Turkish troops] will be deployed on Azerbaijan’s sovereign territory, and [Azerbaijan] has the right to decide where they shall be deployed.


MINUTE 30:30 – Whether or not [the number of peacekeepers] is sufficient, this issue sould be decided by the daily needs on the ground, initially we find they are enough, but if something can or needs to be modified, this can only be done with the agreement of the sides
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