Turkish parliamentarian on country’s decision to send troops to Azerbaijan

On 17 November, Turkish parliamentarian of Azeri origen from Igdir, Sinan Oğan, provided a brief interview with Azerbaijan’s Ictimai TV regarding Turkey’s decision to send troops to Azerbaijan, here are some highlights from what he said:

  • We [Turkey’s Parliament] have adopted decisions to send troops to different countries, but none were as important as this motion [decision].
  • Just as we helped our brother Azerbaijan 100 years ago, we’ll help them again today if needed.
  • Hopefully Turkish soldiers will be in Nagorno Karabkh and other parts of Azerbaijan for the peace mission to control the ceasefire regime, they will be tasked in the Russian-Turkish Monitoring centre and other areas in Azerbaijan
  • Turkey can negotiate on any issue, but when it comes to Azerbaijan there is no dicussion, because the ruling party and opposition [in Turkey] are all united in this issue.
  • Turkey’s Parliament’s decision based on the constitution’s article 92 and and the 2010 Agreement on Strategic Partnership and Mutual Support.

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