GEOLOCATED – Turkey hosts special forces drills with Georgia, Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan (sic) troops near Ankara

On 12 August 2021, Turkey’s Defence Ministry tweeted photos of yearly Caucasus Eagle 2021 (Tr. Kavkaz Kartalı-21) military drills in which the special forces of Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan (separately mentioned from Azerbaijan) took part. The exercises were aimed at boosting cooperation and coordination between their forces. The official post made particular mention of Nakhichevan’s special forces, despite the latter forming part of Azerbaijan.


We have geolocated the exact area of the military drills at Turkey’s Special Forces (the famous Bordeaux Berets) headquarters complex and training centre near Gölbaşı, just south of Ankara.


Based off of our Twitter post below:

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