An official statement from military authorities from 9 January revealed the inauguration of a new military installation in the southeastern part of Nagorno Karabakh (NK). Details on the event, such as the exact location or size of the installation were not found on open sources, however, the statement suggests thatContinue Reading

On 11 January, several new military food warehouses were opened in Azerbaijan. According to a statement from Defence officials, several warehouses with a capacity of 500 tonnes of foodstuffs were inaugurated at unspecified locations in the country, with the Defence head, Zakir Hasanov, officially visiting at least one of theseContinue Reading

According to news reports, an Armenian serviceman was found dead today at an unspecified military border outpost(1, 2, 3). According to eyewitness reports from the outpost, serviceman Gegham Khachaturian shot himself with a firearm and died as aresult of his wounds. Additionally, a local parish head from the village ofContinue Reading

According to an official notification today from Azerbaijan’s State Border Service (SBS), serviceman, Farzali Farzaliyev, was shot by sniper fire on 7 January around 14.56 hours from the Armenian side and died as a result of his sustained wounds. The incident occured at a military position near the village enclaveContinue Reading

De facto Nagorno Karabakh’s (NK) Defence Ministry released an official summary of the military situation of 2019, which stressed the past years major events and developments, as well as underlined the lack of progress with the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group due to disagreements amongst the parties in theContinue Reading

On 1 January 2020, de facto Nagorno Karabakh’s Defence ministry announced the death of serviceman Artyom Kazaryan. The oficial cause of death was due to health issues. Kazaryan was reported to have died at a military unit on the northeastern segment of the line of contact. As of yet, noContinue Reading

Between 29 and 31 December, high-level officials in both Armenia, as well as de facto Nagorno Karabakh (NK) visited Armenian troops deployed on the line-of-contact (LoC). The general aim of the visits was to boost morale during the holiday season and carry out a final evaluation of living as wellContinue Reading