Live-fire tank exercises in eastern Nagorno Karabakh

On Friday (03 March) an undisclosed motorised brigade from Nagorno Karabakh’s Armed Forces took part in a life-fire exercise to test out combat-readiness and co-ordination. The armoured units were mainly T-72 modernised tanks stationed in central Nagorno Karabkah.

The event took place approximately 10 km from the central segment of the line-of.-contact, in the Tigranakert training ground, near the city of Aghdam.

Supervising the event was the Deputy Defence Minister Colonel Samvel Poghosyan. Military officials later stated that the exercises were carried “showing great skills and speed”, and added that they “were able to destroy  a simulated enemy dug into a firing position”. It is speculated that these T-72 tanks were modernised with locally-produced high-technology equipment, notably gun sights and radio equipment.

Armenia’s military has long sought out locally-produced military equipment, this has materialised particularly through high-technology products such as weapon sights, UAV’s, radio-communication devices. Tanks have been one of the main recipients of such high-grade equipment. Numerous local private and semi-private companies work in the research and development of high-technology products, with very few details provided to the public.

An aerial view of the Tigranakert training ground



Official footage from the event

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