UPDATE – Life-fire training with defence and counter-attack simulations in Nagorno Karabakh

According to a publication from military officials in Stepanakert, life-fire drills took place today at the Tigranakert training ground in eastern Nagorno Karabakh. The drills were aimed at further integrating coordination between motorised, armoured, artillery, anti-air defence and engineering units from the Nagorno Karabakh military. The mentioned units participated in day-time, as well as nocturnal life-fire exercises based on new tactics and scenarios according to the official statement.

Special emphasis was put on new weapon types and modifications, testing out the new capacities of the troops during “defence and counter-attacks” as mentioned by military officials. New intelligence techniques were also put to test, all directed at sustained-combat scenarios.

In the latest video, one can spot T-72 tanks, Gvozdika self-propelled artillery, recoilless anti-tank rifles,  Shilka anti-air cannons and  BM-21 Grad multi-rocket launchers, also present are high-level military officials including the defence minister Karen Abrahamyan.

Official footage provided by the Nagorno Karabakh Defence Ministry


These drills formed part of the large-scale military exercises currently underway in Nagorno Karabakh, in which around 10.000 troops, and hundreds of armoured and artillery units’ combat readiness and capacities are being put to test.

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