Azeri military conducts similar combat exercise 90 km from Armenian units

Units from the Azeri Armed Forces took part in a combat-readiness exercise, with life-fire drills at a training ground near Ganja. The official statement from military officials stated that the units taking part in the event were motorised, tank-armoured, artillery and anti-air defence units.


Military hardware taking part in the exercise includes mortars (possibly 82mm), Gvozdika self-propelled artillery, T-90 and possibly T-72 tanks, T-107mm ground attack missiles, Mi-24 gunships and several other auxiliary weapon types. Coincidentally this exercise is an almost identical reflection of what Armenian troops 90 km southwest of this very location are conducting within the framework of large-scale military exercises in Nagorno Karabakh; identical in the sense that the same units are incorporated in the drills according to an official statement.



Official footage provided by the Azeri Defence Ministry

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