Official news got out today, 11 August 2017, that the Armenian military has started the construction of new trenches, fortifications and roads, as well as the strengthening of older military positions.  The news of these new undertakings was made public in an official interview by Colonel Hrayr Atoyan, who alsoContinue Reading

On 04 August 2017, word quickly spread about the accidental shooting death of two Azeri soldiers near a military post on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border. The incident happened at a military outpost between the Azeri village of Alibeyli and Armenian village of Nerkin Karmiraghbyur, when servicemen Shahin Ahmadov and Vahid MusayevContinue Reading

On 06 August 2017, news got out of Azeri conscript soldier Nicat Ilyasov’s death only 8 days after he started military service. Ilyasov registered at his native city,  Yevlakh’s military commissioner’s office on 22 July 2017,  he suffered from severe migraines but was told he was “fit for military service,Continue Reading

Amid heightened tensions on the Azeri-Armenian border, Armenia’s Defence Ministry confirmed 31 year-old Armenian soldier Armen Nazlukhyan was wounded in an exchange of fire between the two sides.  The incident was reported to have occurred at around 10.40 hours. The wounded was initially taken to the Central Hospital in the cityContinue Reading