On 09 May, Nagorno Karabakh marked Victory Day, commonly celebrated throughout post-Soviet countries as the day of victory over Nazi Germany. In Karabakh and Armenia, however, the day is also marked as the day Armenian forces took control over Shushi (or Shusha as it is known by Azeris) in 1992,Continue Reading

On Saturday, the Chief-of-Staff of the Nagorno Karabakh Armed Forces, Maj Gen Karen Abrahamyan, received his counterpart from Armenia Lt Gen Artak Davtyan. Subsequently, the two paid visits to military bases and outposts along the line-of-contact in the centre and south of Nagorno Karabakh. Officially, the aim of the eventsContinue Reading

Troops from the 5th Military Formation have conducted field exercises with special forces troops at an undisclosed, but commonly used  training ground in Armenia.  Official reports mention that the exercises are aimed at further developing the efficient and effective use of equipment in difficult terrain and weather conditions. The 5thContinue Reading