Yesterday, Defence officials in Stepanakert revealed that the de facto republic’s Defence minister, Maj Gen Karen Abrahamyan, visited military installations on the northern segment of the line-of-contact. The exact locations of the visit were not specified on open-sources. An official statement mentioned that Abrahamyan’s aime was to evaluate and assesContinue Reading

Yesterday, a session dedicated to evaluating military achievements, issues and developments during the the first half of the year took place organised by the heads of the Nagorno Karabakh Military Council, headed by Defence minister Maj Gen Karen Abrahamyan. Maj Gen Abrahamyan in his opening words brief the members ofContinue Reading

Last week, Nagorno Karabakh’s Defence minister, Maj Gej Karen Abrahamyan, visited a series of military bases and outposts along the northern segment of the line-of-contact. The purpose of the visit was to follow up on the the condition of new recruits, review the general well-being of the servicemen and evaluateContinue Reading

A motorised infantry brigade from the Nagorno Karabakh military conducted combat simulations today at the eastern Tigranakert military training ground. The event was officially announced as a test of military capacities for the first half of the year. The motorised infantry brigade conducted live-fire drills, which involved a general mobilisation,Continue Reading

New conscripts taken into service during the summer military draft were visited by high-level military officials, including Nagorno Karabakh’s Defence minister, Maj Gen Karen Abrahamyan, veterans of the war in the 1990s and local NGO representatives. During the event, Maj Gen Abrahamyan spoke with the new conscripts and expressed thatContinue Reading

Nagorno Karabakh’s Defence minister Maj Gen Karen Abrahamyan received his Armenian counterpart Lt Gen Artak Davtyan during an official visit to the ministry, and a series of military installations. During the visit, the two military heads assessed and familiarised themselves with ongoing renovation works at military outposts to strengthen positionsContinue Reading

Large-scale military exercises are underway in Nagorno Karabakh. As mentioned in an earlier post, military officials in Stepanakert announced major military exercises will take place with the participation of around 10.000 troops, over 400 technical vehicles, 200 artillery guns, 150 armoured vehicles and 50 anti-air defence systems. The event will beContinue Reading

Reinforced military units involving armoured tank battalions participated in live-fire exercises at the Tigranakert training ground. The event was supervised by the commander of an undisclosed military base, Col Ashot Aghajanyan, while observing was the Defence Minister Maj Gen Karen Abrahamyan. Also present were commanders and officers of the participatingContinue Reading

A Military Council hearing was called in Stepanakert today by the Defence ministry’s leadership headed by defence minister Maj Gen Karen Abrahamyan. High-ranking officials and officers from all over the military were present during the meeting, which, officially was aimed at addressing issues related to the organisation of personnel andContinue Reading

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s Minsk Group heads, co-presidents Stéphane Visconti, Andrew Schofer and Igor Papov and Personal Representative Andrzej Kasprzyk, continued their regional visit plans and are now in Nagorno Karabakh. The delegation concluded its visit to Yerevan yesterday, and were received by the Nagorno KarabakhContinue Reading