Between 29 and 31 December, high-level officials in both Armenia, as well as de facto Nagorno Karabakh (NK) visited Armenian troops deployed on the line-of-contact (LoC). The general aim of the visits was to boost morale during the holiday season and carry out a final evaluation of living as wellContinue Reading

On 17 December, an official notification from the Defence Ministry of de facto Nagorno Karabakh announced the start of the winter military draft. During the event, held at an undisclosed base, high-ranking military officers were present, including the vice-head of the military, Jalal Harutyunyan, as well as representatives of otherContinue Reading

According to an official notification from Nagorno Karabakh Defence officials, an Armenian soldier was wounded today on northeastern segment of the line-of-contact. The incident was reported to have happened at 15.15h on 29 November and was official announced at 18.47h local time, when serviceman Rafayel Azizyan received a gunshot woundContinue Reading

On 26 November, some Armenian media outlets, apparently the first one being, reported on a military incursion by Azeri forces in northeastern Martakert region of Nagorno Karabakh. The report stated that two military units consisting of 14 and 20 troops respectivally, attempted a nocturnal raid on Armenian positions, andContinue Reading

On 28 November, Nagorno Karabakh Defence officials headed by minister Karen Abrahamyan received their Armenian counterpart, Artak Davtyan, in what is an official visit the northeastern and central segments of the line-of-contact to follow up on completed projects and undergoing renovation works carried out for the military. The visit coincidesContinue Reading

On 6 November Nagorno Karabakh’s Defence minister, Karen Abrahamyan, visited a series of military installations along the northern segment of the line-of-contact (LOC).  A key part of the visit, as officially stated, was following up on renovation work at undisclosed military installations, which seek to improve the operational capacity ofContinue Reading

Yesterday, an official notification from the military authorities in Nagorno Karabakh revealed live-fire military drills involving T-72 tanks and BMP armoured vehicles. The event took place in the northern part of the de facto territory on 31 October and included an armoured tank unit with motorised infantry. The drills wereContinue Reading

Armenia’s Defence minister, Davit Tonoyan, was received today by his counterpart, Karen Abrahamyan, in de facto Nagorno Karabakh in what was an official visit within the framework of mutual cooperation between the two sides. According to an official notification from Nagorno Karabakh’s Defence ministry, the two defence heads visited aContinue Reading

Five Azeri and two Armenian servicemen killed these past days, with one of them being a combat death, and the remainder under unspecified circumstances. The 18 September brought about news about the death of Azeri border guard, Senan Huseynov, one month before he was to be demobilised. The reasons forContinue Reading