On 22 July 2017, Artsakh’s Ministry of Defence (officially called the Defence Army) published its biannual report regarding the developments on the line-of-contact.  With special monitoring mechanisms, the military authorities concluded that between January and July 2017 the ceasefire was was violated by Azerbaijan 9.000 times, with around 120.000 roundsContinue Reading

On 19 July 2017, the current President of Artsakh (Republic of Nagorno Karabakh) was reelected through a parliamentary vote of 87%, or 28 Members of Parliament out of 32 voted in his favour. The President will serve his tenure until 2020, when two simultaneous elections, Parliamentary and Presidential will beContinue Reading

On the 20 July, Division and Battalion commanders of the 1st Army Unit have started a 5-day training aimed at reinforcing individual capacities and practical decision-making abilities. Besides he latter, theoretical and methodological courses have focused on the rapid organisational and mobilisation capacity very highly regarded by the officers.  Continue Reading

Armenia’s Minister of Defence, Vigen Sargsyan, paid a visit to a few military outposts on the line-of-contact as well as several military bases in Artsakh on 15 July 2017. He was accompanied by high ranking military officials from both Armenia and Artsakh. The visit was aimed at inspecting and promotingContinue Reading

On 14 July 2017,  Nahid Soltanov, resident of Qizilburun village and a conscript soldier was critically wounded by an Armenian sniper after his military post opened fire on Armenian positions.  He has been transferred to a local hospital for further medical procedures.Continue Reading

From 8-10 July 2017, military drills by in Nagorno Karabakh are underway, conducted by the country’s armed forces. The drills are a continuation of a series of  military exercises to develop the defensive capacity of the Armenian forces even further. This time, the drills (at an unspecified location) simulated aContinue Reading

On 7 July 2017, Azeri Defence Minister Zakir Hasanov officially paid a visit to the line of contact with Nagorno Karabakh. His visit included the village of Alkhanlu, site of numerous artillery and rocket exchanges between the two sides in recent days.  His visit is aimed at raising the moraleContinue Reading

  Armenian military cameras on the line of contact between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan filmed Azeri TR 107 rocket’s being fired at Armenian positions. The TR 107’s were fired from the village of Alkhanlku in south western Azerbaijan, on the outskirts of the village.   Village of Alkhanli, Azerbaijan showingContinue Reading