This last week, starting 16 August 2017, numerous soldiers and officers serving in Artsakh’s military forces were handed awards as a token of appreciation for their distinguished service. The news comes as Tigran Abrahamian, an advisor to Artsakh’s President Bako Sahakyan, made public that $15.000 had been given to theContinue Reading

On 14 August 2017 19-year old army conscript Arman Movsisyan was shot and killed by Azeri fire at a border outpost in the northeastern region of Martakert in Nagorno Karabakh. The incident happened around 11.00h local time, when Movsisyan was shot by most likely an Azeri sniper. He sustained severeContinue Reading

Authorities in Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh are currently extending the benefits for military officers by allocating newly constructed homes for families. In recent years, Stepanakert, as well as other cities in Nagorno Karabakh have seen the rise of new buildings allocated to military staff. One of the biggest projects currently underwayContinue Reading

Official news got out today, 11 August 2017, that the Armenian military has started the construction of new trenches, fortifications and roads, as well as the strengthening of older military positions.  The news of these new undertakings was made public in an official interview by Colonel Hrayr Atoyan, who alsoContinue Reading

On 06 August 2017, news got out of Azeri conscript soldier Nicat Ilyasov’s death only 8 days after he started military service. Ilyasov registered at his native city,  Yevlakh’s military commissioner’s office on 22 July 2017,  he suffered from severe migraines but was told he was “fit for military service,Continue Reading

The Defence Minister of Nagorno Karabakh Levon Mnatsakanyan gave an exclusive televised interview on 30 July 2017. During his interview he discussed the current situation of tensions between Armenia-Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan, highlighted the latest achievements of the Armenian military forces and shared his opinion on many important issues relatingContinue Reading

On 30 July 2017, in a rare publication Azeri media outlets gave news of the death of 24-year old Azeri Armed forces Lieutuenant Akbarli Huseyn, killed on the northern segment of the Armenia-Azeri border. Huseyn was a native of Eçara village in the Jelilabad region of Azerbaijan. Huseyn was allegedlyContinue Reading

In a rare statement, Armenia’s Minister of Defence Vigen Sargsyan in a rare warning message to the Azeri authorities reiterated that Armenia had not carried out any military operations along the border with Azerbaijan and that the Armenian Armed Forces never seek to target civilian settlements and that “any claimsContinue Reading

On 25 July 2017, Baku’s military authorities accused Armenia of firing from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on a military outpost near the village of Terter and injuring Azeri serviceman Muraz Babakishyev. News spread through several Azeri media outlets with a very similar message being published by each one. No other detailsContinue Reading

On 23 July 2017 at around 06.30 hours, the body of Armenian conscript sergeant Vardan Melkonian found hanging in an area outside of his undisclosed military base.  The incident is not being treated as a suicide until the current investigation is concluded, however initial signs show that it may be.Continue Reading

For two days now, starting the 21 July 2017, border outposts near the villages of Chinari and Barekamavan in northeastern Armenia have come under fire from Azeri outposts. Barekamavan’s village mayor Jonik Mikayelyan confirmed that there have been no injuries nor physical damage to the village, nonetheless villagers were forcedContinue Reading